The Truth About Our Free Vehicle Lifetime Warranty

Every car, every driver, and every drive is different, so it makes sense that the vehicle lifetime warranty you get from dealer to dealer should be different too. We take it a bit further to offer you a deal that almost seems too good to be true when you buy from us. Here’s what you should know about the FREE Lifetime Warranty you’re getting at every Patterson Cars dealership.

Other lifetime warranty offers are worded vaguely so that they benefit the dealer, with loose terms around what “lifetime” means and how long that lasts, or what exactly might or might not be covered by their warranty. Some might wait until the fine print to tell you that it’s only specific pieces of the powertrain or other internals that are covered. That’s on purpose—keeping things unclear lets the buyer make assumptions that could come back to bite them once they come in for an issue that they think is (and should be) covered under the warranty that, in some cases, they paid good money for.

The warranty we offer is what we call the FREE Lifetime Warranty, which means that as long as you own your vehicle, no matter how long you own it, how many miles it has, or what loan option you select at the time of purchase, it’s covered. The details of that means that ours is a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, which is included on most vehicles 10 years or old or newer with less than 125,000 miles when you buy it.

Did you catch that? That’s right: every new vehicle comes with our FREE Lifetime Warranty, at no cost to you, with no maximum term for mileage or deductible.

  • Our FREE Lifetime Warranty Covers:
  • Engine block
  • Cylinder head transmission
  • Transaxle front wheel
  • Rear wheel drive system
  • And every related internal part and component under the hood

The true vehicle lifetime warranty covers 100% of parts and labor on the vehicle elements listed above, whether your new vehicle is fresh off the line or new to you. For a list of used cars that meet the requirements for our FREE Lifetime Warranty, view our inventory online:

Qualifying Vehicles

In short, we’re dedicated to not only getting you into the car that you want, but keeping you in it as long as you want to be. Our warranties are meant to be clear, concise, and as complete as they can be so that you drive off the lot as happy as you can be. This is the best deal on a warranty for your vehicle that you’re going to find in Texas, and when you couple that with our stellar service department, no-pressure sales, and dedication to getting you into the exact car you want, there’s no reason to go anywhere else. Find what you’re looking for any Patterson Cars location.